Sep 14, 2017

Postcards to swap

Here are some new postcards from Portugal that I have still available to swap with my penpals.
If u r interested in anyone, email me ur available postcards to my email. Talk to ya there.thks.

Sep 9, 2017

...k seja em bom!! Muito bom!!

....Se é p ser nova, k seja em bom!! Vamos a isto!!! Apresento a minha menina....amiga da minha coluna!!!... 
...I was needing a bigger backpack  for my gymnasium swimming classes...  My 30 litres wasn't big enough and my 65 litres was too big... So...  After 1 month searching... Here is my choice: 40 litres Mountain Pro backpack.  So bright and confy.... Can u see it's back detail?!?  :-)

Sep 8, 2017

About last weekend...

More pics -- not mine,btw! :-D -- from Red Bull Air Race in ma beloved Oporto city, last weekend. .... More than 600.000 people looking in da air.... Amazing event!!! Best organization ever!!! Proud, very proud of my little city!!!
Come back soon guys!!!